Thursday, January 22, 2009

100th Day

MaClay's teacher ordered 100 balloons for the kids on Tuesday for the 100th day of school as a surprise. The kids had so much fun using the balloons for math problems. MaClay loves school and you can see why with all the fun stuff they do in class. Later that day the kids were treated to pizza as well.

We also went as a family that night to see Broadway's The Lion King. The show was great but the costumes were unbelieveable! It didn't end until after 10pm. Mallory made it to almost the very end and then fell asleep. The girls both loved it and had fun singing along to the songs. It was so much fun!


annaka said...

Once again, she just amazes me! What an awesome idea with the balloons. I love that you FINALLY got a blog. Now everyone will know just how AMAZING you are:)

Brooke said...

What an amazing teacher, wow that is going above and beyond! She sounds like so much fun.

The lion king sounds like fun too, I love going to that kind of thing.

Way to go Mike!! That's amazing!!